Credit Unions have something for you that banks just don’t. The free4ME Account is the ultimate account for 18- to 25-year-olds. Instead of strict rules and transaction requirements, we offer perks that give you a head start.

Being Young & Free in Maine has never been easier

The credit union locator lists all Maine Credit Unions, and those with free4ME listed near their name offer this account. Those credit unions that don't have free4ME listed offer other account products and programs that may be of interest to you. Please check out their websites. Credit union accounts are worth checking out! 

Fee free… plus a little forgiveness


Oops are OK

Two Oops! Refunds* annually—if you overdraw in those “oops” moments, we forgive. 


Cards for all

Receive a free debit card for all your purchases and withdrawals.


Just say “no”

No monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements.

*Annually is defined as January to December in a given calendar year (available at participating credit unions). Checks available upon request.

All the tech and access you need

An account that goes everywhere with you—with more branches and ATMs than any single bank in Maine.



Your free4ME Account comes with free mobile and online banking plus free e-statements.


ATM access

Free SURF ATM network use means no fees to withdraw your money! SURF is the largest surcharge-free ATM network in Maine with over 225 locations. Please check availability at credit unions.


Shared branching

Free access to the Shared Branching Network. Use any credit union branch as if it was your own—deposit checks, pay bills or withdraw cash. There are shared branches wherever you go with over 155 in Maine and 5,000 across the country. Please check availability at credit unions.

Perks that give you a head start


Loans and credit cards

Tired of living in the basement or using Dad’s car? Need your own credit card? We’ll help prepare you for your first car loan or any major life event—come in and talk “Young & Free” with one of our loan or member service representatives. Credit unions are known for lower loan rates and less fees compared to banks. 


Young & Free Maine

The best online location to find tips, tricks and fun things to do is YoungFreeMaine.com, a mobile website that supports your style of living. Jake Holmes, our Young & Free Spokester, is your advocate for your generation. Through social media, Jake is there to connect with 18- to 25-year olds around Maine on what is important to you and your friends.


Special Promotions

Every month we give away cool prizes to our E-Update subscribers, and about twice a year we hold a really big creative contest, including our annual Sound Off Music Competition

Is my money secure with a credit union? 

Credit union members never have to worry about the safety of their savings deposits. Every credit union in the United States carries federal insurance from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) covering member deposits up to at least $250,000.