Bands Compete in 6th Annual Sound-Off Music Competition

WABI TV5 |  By Emily Tadlock

Finalists in the Maine Credit Union’s 6th Annual Sound-Off Music Competition auditioned live for judges in Brewer.

Three finalists from both the soloist/duo category and group category were determined by an online vote of all entries.

Jake Holmes, Spokester from Young & Free Maine says, “Credit Unions are really community based and we’re trying to give back to the music community and the 18 to 25 crowd and give them a chance to make a name for themselves. The winners here get 500 dollars to Main Street Music Studios in Brewer and a live performance at the Old Port Festival which has quickly become the main music event of the year.”

The finalists played one original song for a panel of judges who then chose a winner from each category.

The judges say they were looking for certain qualities in their winners.

Judge Carlos Cuellar, of Catama Productions says,  “To see how they connected with the audience,  the songs themselves, the performance, and just their musicianship as well.”

Judge Andrew Clifford,  President and Founder of Main Street Music Studios says, “Intonation, working together as a team as a group, and overall playing to the room as well.”

Lindsay Mower of Farmington won in the soloist/duo category. She says, “I feel really rich today. I just got up and drove across Maine and just meet up with all these people my age who do the same thing I do and it just all feels really surreal.”

And The Resistance of Burnham, Maine won in the group category. Their lead singer says, “We’ve been playing for so long. We started the band when I was 14, so it’s been my life for so long. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It’s the love of my life, literally. Music is everything to me.”

Many of this year’s judges are involved in the music industry and say this competition is a great stepping stone for young artists.

Clifford says, “It’s great for the culture. A lot of the bands sometimes don’t have a budget to record especially up and coming so this can give them a little bit of a boost in the industry.”

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