Don't Break the Bank on Textbooks


Did you know the average student will spend around $1,200 on college textbooks this year? Jake Holmes, a Young and Free Maine 'Spokester' for Maine's credit unions told us how to avoid breaking the bank on books.

Some tips:

1. Avoid the bookstores if possible

2. Check the library

3. Rent

4. Ask around campus or post on social media, someone older might have taken the class and have a book they aren't using. 

5. Go electronic, with Kindle versions and E-books, the price is often better and you can download them instantly

And you can win money right now to pay for your textbooks! Right now, Maine’s credit unions have the Bucks For Books contest through Young & Free Maine. You can win $500, $300 or $200 toward your college textbooks! The deadline to enter is September 15th at

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