Local Bands “Sound Off” for Spot on KahBang Stage

WABI TV5 | By John Krinjak

Bangor was home to a true battle of the bands Friday.

Young and Free Maine, with the help of local credit unions, hosted the “Sound Off” Live Audition to determine who will get to take the stage at a major music festival this summer.

All different genres–from funk to rock to ska.

All different backgrounds–from UMaine classmates to longtime acoustic partners.

All up-and-coming young artists with a lot to prove.

30 local bands entered an online voting contest last month, and the top five battled it out in front of a panel of judges to see who gets to take the stage in front of thousands.

“When you’re young and you don’t have a lot of money and you’re just starting out in your music career, what could be better than someone giving you the perfect opportunity to get exposure,” said Lauren Reeves of Young and Free Maine.

After some serious deliberation, Reeves announced the winner: The Skastitutes of Orono.

The Skastitutes will get a one thousand dollar gift certificate to record an album here at Maine Street studios, and the opportunity to play at the KahBang Festival on the Bangor waterfront.

“We’re pumped. We can’t wait to play at KahBang,” said Skastitutes lead singer Nolan MacDonnell.

The festival happens this August. As for that album…

“We have an EP recorded right now with four songs on it, and we want to add some of our originals, get an album going and get our music out there,” said MacDonnell.

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