Local Bands “Sound Off” in Bangor

WABI TV5 | By John Krinjak

Five area bands battled it out in Bangor Friday, for more than just bragging rights.

The event, sponsored by Maine’s Credit Unions, aims to give one lucky act the chance to take their music to the next level.

“Well we all go to UMaine Augusta,” said Jared Wilkinson of Sassquatch.

“We’ve been playing together probably like five, six years,” said Mike Wellington of The Rotating Taps.

“it’s a good opportunity to get our name out there,” said Travis Wibby of The Banner Year.

The annual Sound Off live audition gives up-and-coming artists a shot at recording an album and performing live in Portland.

“It would be huge,” said Wendell Scott of The Trendy Robots. “It would mean a lot,” said bandmate Jordan Trasko.
“It’d be crazy. I’ve wanted to record for a long time,” said Adam Scott, a solo artist from Oakland.

“They’re judged on their appeal to the demographic, so a young crowd, also their performance quality, their performance ability and the quality of their sound,” said Mallory Lavoie of Young and Free Maine.

These artists come from all over Maine, and all across the musical spectrum.

“We’re straight up pop punk,” said Phil Boyce of The Banner Year.

“Jazz, rock and funk, and just tried to mix it all together.” said Jared Wilkinson of Sassquatch.

“I play a lot of acoustic, singer-songwriter type stuff,” said Adam Scott.

“It’s like folky alternative pop rock indy stuff,” said Sam Chase of The Rotating Taps.

“We play like an indie electronica type of music. We do a lot of dance grooves,” said Wendell Scott of The Trendy Robots.

After some serious deliberation by the judges, the winner was revealed.

We’re here here with the winner, the Sassquatches. They’re excited about a thousand dollar gift card to record here at Maine Street Studios and the chance to perform at the Old Port festival in Portland this summer.

They’re hopeful this chance will take them to the next level.

“I don’t see the limit to where this band can go. I really do believe in it. It’s awesome,” said Wilkinson.

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