Maine Credit Union League offering text book money

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It's an exciting time for students who are beginning their first year in college.

They're also getting a reality check when it comes to the cost of purchasing text books for the school year. That's why the Maine Credit Union League is once again launching a special contest that will help pay for them.

The league's "Young and Free Maine" program is running a bucks for books contest. Lucky winners will get up to $500 dollars.

Young and Free Maine spokesperson Jake Holmes said "The average college student is going to spend $1,200 this year on text books. That's a more than 1,000 percent increase over 1977 and that's just insane. So we're trying to figure out what to do to help with text book costs this back to school season."

You can visit the Young and Free Maine Facebook page for information on how to enter the contest. The winners will be picked at random on September 19th.

The credit union league is also offering a second drawing for people who take a selfie outside their schools and post it to Instagram with the hashtag, "Bucks for Books." You can also find that information on Facebook or by visiting

You can also win up to $500 dollars with that contest.

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