Young and Free Spokesperson Visits Calais

Calais Advertiser | By Joyce Scott

Seth Poplaski is Maine Credit Union's spokesperson for Young and Free Maine.

Last Week he made stops at Down East Credit Unions in Baileyville and and Calais.

The Young and Free Maine program was launched to get information to young adults 18-25 years of age.

As part of the program a search was initiated for a spokesperson. In July it was announced that Poplaski was the chosen spokester.

He will have this title for a year. In that time his job is to travel around the State talking with young adults gathering information on their thoughts and concerns about their finances.

To make his job easier he has been given tools to help him-a bright green car with the Young and Free Logo on it, a laptop, video camera and iPhone.

At 25 years of age Poplaski is enjoying his unique job and learning as well. "I go all over the state talking to the Gen Y generation about credit unions and why they are a viable option for that generation," he told a Calais Advertiser reporter last week.

The spokester also has a blog. "I write in it everyday," he said. Through this blog, videos, tweets, Facebook page and Youtube he shares what he has learned.

After four months on the job he has logged 11,000 miles on the car, met a lot of people. "A lot of people are very interested about the program," he said. "I have also met with a lot of marketers and CEO and learned hot to better market to the 18-25 your old group."

A credit union member since the age of five Poplaski said he knows the benefits of being a member and what credit unions have to offer.

He is enjoying his job and the people he has come into contact with. He said he hopes he has been able to get the message across about credit unions and what they have to offer.

For the next eight months the spokester will continue on his way traveling across the state and enjoying the job that many would love to have.

For more information on the Young and Free Maine Program call 1-800-442-6715 or by email to