Young & Free on the road to promote financial literacy and to host the annual Sound-Off competition

Maine Credit Union League

  Sound-Off finalists are set. The competition to determine the winners will be held on Thursday in Brewer.

Sound-Off finalists are set. The competition to determine the winners will be held on Thursday in Brewer.

The Maine CU League's Spokester, Mallory Lavoie, will be putting nearly 2,000 miles on the branded "Green Machine" this coming week, by attending Financial Fitness Fairs from Aroostook County to Androscoggin County.

"The best part of these fairs is meeting the students and sharing the message about In Maine, we have something to offer high school juniors to help them after they complete their "fair experience." It's Young & Free. No other financial institution in our state offers what we do. We have a site with tools and resources to help them stay a step of their budgets whether it be in college or with their first job," said Mallory. In early April, Mallory will also be present at the Kennebec Chapter and Cony High School Fitness Fairs.

Besides speaking and greeting students at the fairs next week, Mallory will be hosting the fifth annual SoundOff Competition at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday at the Next Generation Theatre, Brewer. Area credit unions representatives or members of the Young Professional Network are welcome to attend this two-hour event, showcasing some of the best, young musical talent in Maine. The acts were selected in a public vote and in a wildcard vote by Young & Free.

"The opportunities these bands have are amazing," said Mallory. The first place winners of the soloist/duo and band categories will win $500 from Main Street Music Studios in Bangor and a stage appearance at the June 12 Old Port Festival in Portland. The second and third finalists will win video and marketing support for their acts. Check out the finalists by clicking here.

"The competition gets the attention of the general public, and at the same time, we weave in the message of credit unions. This competition gets air time on the radio, on social media and at a major summer event drawing young adults," added Mallory.

Another Young & Free program receiving attention with young adults is "It's a Money Thing," featuring financial literacy content designed to capture the imagination of the Gen Y market. "The challenge for most credit unions is not providing financial literacy content; it's capturing the attention of the coveted Gen Y market and turning that attention into action," said Debra Trautman, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at the League. "Mallory presents videos, articles and infographics each month on a different topic via the Young & Free site. We are seeing Maine Credit Unions using these videos on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on their websites. The recent video on predatory lending was a popular share."

The program was piloted by Filene and created by Currency Marketing, which also developed the Young & Free program. Credit unions that participated in Filene's pilot saw a 9% gain in their Gen Y membership. Content is guided by a main character named Jen. Each episode has Jen or one of her friends learning something new through a creative interaction. Viewers follow the journey watching how financial literacy is applied in Jen's life. As of December, more than 60 credit unions in the United States and Canada were using the program. Twenty credit unions participated in the pilot and 10 provided data. Satisfaction with social media engagement increased 100% (from 30% pre-pilot to 60% post-pilot) among the reporting credit unions.

If you want more information about this program or how to maximize Young & Free with your staff or millennial members, please contact Mallory or Debra Trautman.

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