Young Musicians Battle for Spot in KahBang


Bangor - Some local young musicians had a very big audition on Friday.

On the line, a gig at a popular Bangor summer concert.

Quite the show inside Main Street Studios in Bangor.

" We're getting a little taste of how they'll be on stage and see how'd they be performing at KahBang," said Kylie Keene, Young and Free Maine Spokester.

It's Young and Free Maine's Sound Off Competition. Earlier this year, the public voted and the top five artists or groups are in the finals.

" It's just great to be in a contest where they support music and also to be with so many other talented young people," said Anna Pillsbury.

Anna Pillsbury, Lauren Crosby, One Shot Nothing, Skosh, and The Factory are the top five.

" Skosh formed in 2008 so we've been building up material and playing out a lot. We think we're ready for the big stage," said Jedidiah Allen, a member of Skosh.

" We wanna show them that we can perform, get in front of people and be all right," said Jack Davis, a member of The Factory.

" I grew up with like Johnny Cash and Janis Joplin as my influences and I wrote this song last year and it's about my parents and my sister and my family in general," said Lauren Crosby.

" Rock it and have fun," said Pillsbury.

" We're just trying to get as many shows as we can. We're finishing up an album, and trying to get our music out there and go play for people," said Justin Chamberlain, a member of One Shot Nothing.

It was a tough choice for the judges, but Skosh took top prize. For winning, they get to perform at KahBang in August and get a full day recording session at Main Street Studio.    

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