July 1-31 #TeamOwnIt

Want to save more money this summer? The 30 Day $100 Challenge is a way for you to save $100 in 30 days of staying committed to the challenge. I'm excited to start the challenge, and I'll be in it with you. Everyday, we'll stay accountable by sharing pictures on Instagram on how we're saving, and how to spend smarter. Saving money doesn't have to mean restricting our lifestyles, it just means owning it.

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How To Do The Challenge

Challenge Dates:  July 1 - 31

Commit to the 30 Day $100 Challenge. If you want to change your financial life, increase your savings, reduce your spending, and start owning your money and your life, commit to this 30 day challenge. Tell a friend or family member about your commitment too!

Check in to the blog and @YoungFreeME on Instagram every day for 30 days. You will get daily savings tips, and I'll challenge you (and myself) with a new money saving or moneymaking task each day. These challenges will be a way for us to save money, cut spending, and will inspire us all to make small changes that will help us own our money.

Comment on the blog and Instagram. Stay accountable by sharing pictures of your savings struggles, successes, and splurges using the hashtag #TeamOwnIt and tag @YoungFreeME so we can all connect. Don't forget to leave your support on other community members' photos too.

The Formula

Goal:  Save/Make ~ $3.60/day for 30 days 

Week 1: Save $25
Week 2: Save $25
Week 3: Save $25
Week 4: Save $25
End: $100 

I look forward to being a part of your money saving journey. Let’s own it! 

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